Our Vision

The focus of Vision Educational Learning Center is building world changers.

Over the years, our private school staff has helped students from Winter Garden, Ocoee, Orlando, and all over Central Florida improve their basic skills, learn excellent study habits, improve comprehension, and develop test-taking skills. As a result, students who did not see themselves as successful individuals have become effective learners. Over time, they have grown in self-esteem and confidence, as well.

We pursue the vision, and we reap the benefits that come with this focus. On a daily basis, we celebrate our students' victories. As a result, our students know that every teacher at the school is excited about their success.

Mission Statement

To execute practical foundational education that develops a well-rounded individual, preparing them to impact their communities and the world at large. 

Meet Our Staff

Vision Educational Learning Center only hires high quality teachers and staff. All of our teachers have a Bachelors degree and/or 3 years of successful teaching experience. Above all, they are committed to the vision and to the success of each and every one of our students.

Ms. Cossom, the principal, facing the camera with a professional smile.

Denise Cossom

Founder & Principal

Ms. Cossom has been an educator for two decades. Not only did she establish this school, but she is actively involved in the success of our students every day.


Lasandra Lamb

Secretary & Teacher

For several years, an unpaid volunteer, Ms. Lamb has proven herself loyal, hard working, and talented at everything she does for our amazing students and school.

Ms. Earle smiles at the camera wearing a burgundy shirt.

Carleane Earle

A former public school teacher, her heart for her students is what sets this woman apart. Wise, energetic, and full of joy, Ms. Earle is just another example of VELC quality.


"I just want to thank God first and foremost for putting me in this school."   - D. Youngblood

"Ms. Cossom helps young kids get out of the hood. Thanks!"   - J. Leath

"I learned more here at Vision in one year than my 4 previous years in public school. The work was hard, and Ms. Cossom also required commitment and discipline from each student."   - M. Rogers 

"It was the Devotion, the Student Creed, and Declaration we said every day that kept me going. And now after graduation from graduate school, I am so thankful for that experience. ​WE need more schools and more teachers -- like the teachers at Vision. Thank you for giving 110% every day you show up."   - S. Carter​

"Hearing every day who I am, knowing that I am full of greatness and learning that I have to be responsible for my own actions has propelled me to this point in my life."   - S. Washington​

"I was a dropout, and it didn't feel good at all. I struggled with who I was and I thought about suicide. I thought about it all. If it wasn't for the awesome staff -- Ms. Battle, Ms. Carter, Ms. Lamb, Ms. Orsini, and Ms. Cossom, I wouldn't have been able to push through. "   -D. Bouie​

"It's a great school that teaches you how to be diligent, trustworthy, and also self-disciplined."   -J. Bibbs


An Overview

Through foundational education, love and an unparalleled level of commitment, we have been able to turn lives around. We have not only affected our student’s lives, but we have impacted the lives of their family members as well.  God has given us a unique way of educating our students which includes building confidence, character, and self- esteem.  A student who really does not know who he or she is can blossom into a “World Changer.” We instill, self-worth along with knowledge and the ability to become a lifelong learner. Our students are excited about learning and growing into all that God has purposed for them.  We lay a solid educational foundation, so that the student is able to learn things that may have been a struggle in the past. Every day in our morning devotions, we start our day with our Student Creed, Declaration, and acknowledgement of God.  We believe that our students should know they come from God and that it is God who gives them grace to do all that they do; out of this knowledge come respect for God, themselves, and others.

We have an excellent music program where our students learn the art of playing instruments and singing. We also have a dance team, and we practice the art of public speaking as part of the curriculum.  Our drama program is outstanding, and our students put on a Christmas production for their family members and our community.  We have an annual Art Contest, and we are now implementing a Science Fair that will be open to the community. Our graduation ceremony is second to none; our students really have the opportunity to share their gifts and talents.   We also have coming a Chess Club and a Book Club in the near future.

We believe in preparing our students for their future careers, so during our career month we bring in people who have occupations that will whet the appetite of each student and cause them to work hard to obtain their educational goals. We prepare our students to take the TABE, ACT, SAT, and the ASVAB. We have a relationship with Westside Technical School and Valencia community College where our students can participate in a “Dual Enrollment Program.” We have a 100% graduation rate and 96% of our students go on to higher education.

We have small classroom sizes, so our students are able to get one on one attention and the opportunity to perfect problem areas. We also have a relationship with our library where our middle and high school students take computer programming and coding classes.

Vision is all about expanding horizons, and we do it with everything that is in us. There are no limits, we tell them day after day, and then, as a small school that has done the impossible, we prove it. We have recently seen one student join a Division I football team in college,other  students went beyond college and on to graduate school, entrepreneurship, and they are living productive lives of every sort. We are a living, breathing factory for world changers, and we would like to have the chance to show you what we can do in the life of your family, as well.